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one system.
a myriad of uses

Provide end Client, Broker and TPA access through Catalyst’s web portal.

Digitise your distribution – Rate, Quote and Bind (with automated sanctions checker).

Automated document production and Document management facility.

Transact your business globally using Catalyst’s multi-currency, multi-jurisdictional ledger.

Integrate your claims process into your business management.

True SaaS platform enables rapid deployment without expensive implementation projects and scalability.

Deployment in hours, not months.


nsure’s Catalyst is an end-to-end singular MGA management system. Catalyst is the only system an MGA will need.  With its highly configurable workflow, Catalyst is a system which will fit your business requirements. Built as a single integrated platform from the ground up, data in Catalyst is only entered once and then visible at the right point in the process revolutionising your efficiency.



Using Catalyst, Brokers can manage their client workflow using catalyst’s inbuild CRM functionality allowing deals to be tracked and progressed along with meeting all required regulatory compliance procedures.  Catalyst’s inbuilt sanctions checker assists in compliance without the need for additional steps.  Document production and integration with email allows for seamless auditable communications with clients and Catalyst’s highly granular ledger, covering multiple currencies and jurisdictions, facilitates credit control to help ensure payments remain within the terms of your business.



Reduce your operational expense with nsure’s Catalyst.  Catalyst improves operational efficiency so your team can focus on business over data.  In a single system Catalyst enables the full spectrum of underwriting business operations from client enquiries, rate/quote/bind, compliance, transactional billing, accounting & settlement, endorsements, claims and a fully GAAP compliant general ledger.


Lloyd's and London Market

nsure has several Catalyst clients in the Lloyd’s and London Market.  Catalyst has been proven to be a highly configurable and business friendly system to handle binder, MGA, Consortia and inhouse broker/MGA facilities. nsure is integrated with bureau messaging  through third party providers facilitating Lloyd’s and IUA business.

London City
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